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her prices because some customers are litter bugs. >> some places try to take care of the problems themselves. for the people throwing the wrappers out their windows there is no way to stop them from doing that. >> reporter: san francisco has banned styrofoam cups and plastic grocery bags and a similar program in oakland has raised more than $300,000 a year. making it likely a burger trash tax is something residents here are going to have to learn to swallow. in san francisco, claudia coffey cowen fox news. the "news edge" at 11:00 starts right now. this is fox 5, "news edge" at 11:00. metro riders you're going to have to dig a little deeper to pay for that morning commute. we kick off the "news edge" with metro's latest fare hike. thanks for staying up with us. i'm will thomas. part of that rate hike went into effect today. as roby chavez explains how
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much you'll pay depends on when you'll ride. >> reporter: this is the third fair increase in year. metro passengers bearing the burden of filling the budget gap. on average metro passengers who travel during peak periods will pay at least a dollar mora week. it's called peak of the peak surcharge. if you are a rush hour rider between 4:30 and 6:00 at night you'll pay 20 cents mora trip. bright yellow decals warn of the third increase in six months. passengers have been bracing for it. this one hits hard. >> it costs me $10 a day to get to work. it's ridiculous. the same service. you still got to wait for the same trains. i ain't happy with this at all. >> reporter: for now, the peak of the peak surcharge for morning rush hour is delayed because computers controlling fair gates can't be programmed. the glitch will cost metro 200 to $375,000.
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passengers wonder what will they get for the higher fares. >> i want the trains to stop breaking down every day. i want the buses to be on time, and on schedule. and it's just not happening. >> reporter: on sunday, customers who use a paper ticket also started paying 25 cents more than those who use the plastic smart trip. >> it's not going to really affect me. it's just a few cents. that's the way i look at t i don't make a big deal out of such things. >> if metro needs to increase the fare i understand the increase but i'm concerned with the service. the level of service doesn't match the increase. >> reporter: metro still has not said when the surcharge for traveling during the peak period in the mornings will go into effect. at gallery place metro station, roby chavez, fox 5 news. a court date scheduled tomorrow more the man accused of stealing a metro bus right out of this lot. investigators say william jackson got onto the bus wearing a metro uniform.
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he drove it on an actual route and picked up passengers until he smacked the bus right into a tree and took off. a postal carrier and another person chased him down. metro employees are supposed to show id when they arrive at work and security was stepped up after the incident. the "news edge" in kensington where montgomery county police are trying to identify a man hit and killed by a train. it happened a week ago. police believe he was running or jogging along the tracks at the kensington depot and didn't see the train coming. he was wearing running gear. this sketch just came to news outlets today. investigators thought widespread outages after last week's storms may have prevented family members from coming forward. >> we know this is a time when people travel, they're out of town, their routines are changed somewhat, but still, we're hoping somebody can recognize the sketch of this man. >> reporter: a little more about him. police think he was in his 30s,
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maybe early 40s, about 5 foot 8 and 120 pounds. if you recognize this sketch take a good look at it, you're urged to call montgomery county police. four people stabbed one in critical condition. police don't know what led to the stabbings. all four victims were taken to the hospital. three in stable condition. the news edge on virginia now where a missing kayaker's body has been discovered. kenneth huggins fell out of his kayak into the potomac yesterday. his body was found today about a mile south of where he fell into the water. fairfax county search crews called in help from seven other jurisdictions including the coast guard. another person, a teenager, kayaking with huggins managed to make it to safety. chemical bonne bombs showing up in mailboxes and yards in fairfax county. several have been reported. take a look at this woman. she was burned when she
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touched one in her mail box in june. she dropped it on the ground and it was smoking and sizzling. like these bombs we found video of on youtube. they're homemade but that doesn't mean they're not frightening. >> we lived in india when they were protesting against united states involvement in iraq. we never thought in this quiet little corner that we would be exposed to this. >> investigators aren't sure if the same people are responsible for all the bombs. most of them discovered in reston and a couple in west springfield. a northern virginia water park is set to resop after being hit by vandals. we're everywhere for you at 11:00 tonight. water works in dale city will open tomorrow at 11:00. the park closed this weekend after vandals trashed it. we've got the photos to show you. they dumped all the contents of the concession stand, burgers, fries, falafel, you name it, all into the pool. prince william county police have surveillance foojt and they're use thanksgiving in
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their investigation. a somber gathering in indiana this weekend to mark the 65th anniversary of the attack on the u.s. s indianapolis. japanese tore -- torpedos sank the ship, 55 men are still alive today. some were in attendance. former vice president dick cheney is out of icu but still hospitalized in northern virginia. his daughter said he is hoping to leave the hospital this week. he had heart surgery in early july to put an artificial pump in to ease his john -- congestive heart failure. and thousands attempt to break a world record but did this thriller dance do it? gwen, what do you think. >> i'm not sure, will but i'll tell you what, showers are moved out but we've got
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some of you may have needed your umbrella thought and some may not have. we have had a few showers that moved through the course of the day and are starting to wayne off as they push through lower southern maryland. we expect to see that into the overnight hours and we're looking at patience fog as we head into the early morning. as we go to our weather maps we have temperatures at national airport at 74 degrees but look at the humidity. 71%. that's going to be a big factor as we move into the week. hiement will continue to increase. you're not going to get a break so be prepared. temperatures in our neighborhood, 71 at dulles. 73 at fredericksburg and 75 degrees at annapolis. things are going to warm up tomorrow ever so slightly,
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disability warmer than today but not quite as warm as it has been over the past few days. this system wushing its way off the coast. this weak ridge of high pressure is starting to build in. we have a lot of uncertainty in the atmosphere. we have a chance of storms every single afternoon right through the week and tomorrow is no ex exception. expect morning showers with a chance of storms apps we move into the afternoon a look at your forecast. overnight low of around 68 degrees. southerly wind flow continues to bring that moisture into the coast. chance of showers in the morning and chance of isolated storms in the afternoon hours. look at thun settled weather pattern. every day in the week we have a chance to see storms erupt. by tuesday, temperatures slide slowly back into the low 90s and that humidity is going to settle itself right in. we're going to have to keep the umbrella handy.
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will? >> we're holding out hope for a good weekend. president obama we begins the week with a number of speaking engagements and first lady travels overseas. >> reporter: poem president obama has a busy week. he's scheduled to start in atlanta, georgia on monday where he'll be speaking at the disabled americans national convention. on wednesday he will move to illinois where he is set to speak at three different events. on tuesday, voters will head to the polls to finalize the ballots for the november general election. kansas, michigan and missouri are all holding special election primary races. coming up the white house says the first lady is traveling to spain for a private mother/daughter trip with long time family friends. while in spain mrs. obama will pay an official visit to their majesty king juan
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carlos and queen sophia. and the republican national committee's annual summer meeting. in washington, audria godfrey, fox news. we are taking off the "news edge" with something like this. looks like they got it down. it's a ceremony to honor the king of pop. lindsay murphy got it down. thousands of people huddled together in wisconsin to set the guinness world record for the largest thriller dance. with only 1800 people they did set the u.s. record but mexico city holds the current u.s. world record with more than 13,000 people. they need lindsay in there. the news is always on, keep it right here. sports extra with lindsay is two minutes away and she gives her show content wise a ten so don't miss it.  imagine if it were this easy to spot the good guys.
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